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ECHO is an organization of homeowners whose purpose is to preserve the residential community atmosphere and character of our neighborhood. Further, ECHO supports the promotion and protection of the historical properties within its boundaries.

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2013 Board Meetings and Members

The ECHO board meets on the second Monday of every month in the Dining Room of the Harold and Eva White Activities Center of NCC (located at the intersection of Benton and Loomis) except where otherwise marked (*).
Members are welcome to join the board at 8:00PM for public forum.

Meeting Dates:

  • 14th January 2013
  • 11th February 2013
  • 11th March 2013
  • 8th April 2013
  • 13th May 2013
  • 10th June 2013
  • 8th July 2013
  • 12th August 2013
  • 9th September 2013
  • 14th October 2013
  • 11th November 2013
  • 9th December 2013
* Smith Hall, NCC ** Quigleys

Current Board Members:

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Latest Neighborhood News
  • National Night Out, Tuesday, August 6, 6-9pm
    In partnership with Community United Methodist Church, the 18th annual National Night Out will be held Tuesday, August 6 from 6 to 9 p.m. on Center Street between Franklin and Benton. This year's activities include fun for the whole family! Join us for children's activities, magic, music, refreshments, and more! Sandwiches will also be available for purchase from John's Rib House.

    A blood mobile will be available from 4:30 to 7:30. Donors will receive a $5 AMC movie card. The magic show will be from 7:00 to 8:00, performed by Les the Magician. The City of Naperville will have a fire truck, bucket truck, and a large incident command vehicle on-site. Park Police and Naperville Police will also have equipment at the event.

    National Night Out is a way for neighbors to get to know one another and to heighten awareness, and strengthen participation in, local crime prevention efforts. Today, although this tradition remains, it has also been expanded to include other ways to get to know neighbors and become familiar with the neighborhood.

  • 2013 ECHO garage sale! Saturday, June 8, 8am-2pm
    Please email if you are planning to participate. We welcome members and non-members, renters and homeowners alike! An ad will be placed in west suburban newspapers and on their websites referring readers to this map.

    View ECHO 2013 garage sale in a larger map
    Ann Swalwell
    105 S Ellsworth St

    Bill & Beth Harvey
    146 N Loomis St

    Infant and children's items, toys,
    small household appliances

    Nancy Fister
    525 E North Ave

    Lots of kids items

    Erin Franczyk
    16 N Wright St

    furniture, electronics, household goods

    Melinda Creasy
    214 N Julian St

    Furniture, rocking chairs, antiques, girl's bike,
    tools, lots of piano music, housewares

    Tonya Heffelbower
    56 S Julian St

    Large collection of comic books,
    household items, clothes, DVD's,
    electronics, Longaberger baskets

  • 2012 ECHO garage sale! Saturday, June 9, 8am-2pm
    An ad has been placed in west suburban newspapers and on their websites referring readers to this map.

    View ECHO 2012 garage sale in a larger map
    Sue & Jimmy Llende
    15 N Columbia St

    Pete & Amy Ditmars
    8 S Columbia St

    Furniture -- Home decor
    Women's and children's clothing
    Children's bicycles
    Electronics -- Books, CDs, DVDs

    Jen Eveslage
    9 S Columbia St

    Ed Halpern
    21 S Columbia St

    Melinda Creasy
    214 N Julian St

    Almost new TV and stand, rocking chair, Halloween costumes of all sizes

    April Horner
    16 N Wright St

    215 N Wright St

    Lots of furniture, household goods,
    dolls and toys & books

  • ECHO annual meeting The ECHO annual meeting will be held on Monday, April 9 at 7 p.m. at North Central College's Meiley-Swallow Hall, 31 S. Ellsworth St.

  • 2012 ECHO dues Dues for 2012 are still a bargain at $20! A membership form can be found in the most recent newsletter.

  • Bus depot feasibility study UPDATE:The bus depot feasibility study recommendations went before the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) on Monday, January 7. City staff are recommending the Parkview Lot option, detailed on the City's website. TAB continued the agenda item to the March 3 meeting at 8AM

    Old info:On November 14th, the City of Naperville held a public open house for the Naperville Metra Station Bus Depot. The City is now evaluating several site plan alternatives and they want to know what you think! Learn more about the study, view the bus depot options, and submit your comments at the City's website. Comments will be accepted through Friday, December 2.

    You can also contact the project manager Rory Fancler at or (630) 305-3430.

  • City of Naperville proposed districts The City of Naperville has begun the process of drawing district maps for City Council representation, in accordance with the referendum approved by voters in November 2010. A proposed map is available ion the City's website. Under the proposed map, the entire ECHO neighborhood would be in District 2. Residents are encouraged to submit comments via the website or at a series of upcoming open houses scheduled for March through June.

  • D203 enrollment study District 203 posted the latest school boundary proposals to the district website on Friday, January 13. Questions about the process or general comments about the reports should be sent to

    The next District 203 Business Meeting is Monday, January 23rd. Check district website for location.

    The February Ellsworth Home & School Meeting is Thursday, February 9th, with Superintendent Mark Mitrovich as a guest. He will likely discuss much of this information as it pertains district-wide.

  • Historic Preservation Commission meeting The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is scheduled to meet on Thursday, January 26 at 7pm in meeting rooms B & C at the Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St. The Board will be considering approval of a Certificate of Appropriateness in order to allow a tear-down and new construction at 30 S. Ellsworth St

  • Parking ticket fine increase The Naperville City Council is considering increasing the amount of a standard parking ticket from $30 ($15 if paid within 15 days) to $50 ($25 if paid within 15 days). The Council first discussed the issue at its November 1 meeting. The agenda item stated, "The level of a fine can have an impact on voluntary community compliance. Staff has reviewed other municipal parking fines, which reveal that Naperville fines are among the lowest." Action is expected to be taken on this issue at the December 6 meeting. You can provide input by speaking on the agenda item at the meeting, or by emailing the City Council at

  • Like us on Facebook! ECHO now has a Facebook page! "Like" us on Facebook to keep up with neighborhood events. If you have a Facebook account, go to Friend on Facebook, and then click "Like" at the top of the ECHO page.

  • Saturday, January 21: Winter event Saturday, January 21: Winter event at Two Brothers Roundhouse, Aurora

  • ECHO and CUMC join forces for National Night Out

    On August 2nd, Naperville celebrates National Night Out and ECHO have joined forces with CUMC (Community United Methodist Church) to bring you the summer block party you'll not forget!!

    Watch this space for more details as they are confirmed - but rumors indicate there will be a band, a big bouncy thing (and a little one), a cookie bake-off and ice cream!!!

  • ECHO 2011 Garage Sale!! June 4th (8AM-2PM)

    View ECHO 2011 Garage Sale in a larger map
    Cassandra Fransen
    222 E. 4th Ave

    Martens & Kiefer
    224 E. 4th Ave

    Jim & Lee Wills
    18 S. Loomis St

    Paul Brandt
    27 N. Sleight St

    Nancy and Mike Kett
    16 N. Sleight St.

    Dawn Bray
    107 N. Wright St.

    Roy & Heidi Schoeneck
    5 N. Columbia St.

    Mike & Karen Tatman
    5 S. Columbia St.

    Tim Messer
    6 N. Huffman St

    Brenda McDowell
    20 S. Julian

    Weaver Residence
    56 S. Julian

    Todra Oken
    400 E. Chicago Ave.

    Jeff & Debbie Keating
    724 Highland Ave

  • North Central College Sesquicentennial Anniversary
    North Central College marks its Sesquicentennial anniversary this year. Visit the Sesquicentennial web page to learn more about special events and watch the trailer for a new five-part documentary capturing North Central's 150-year history, produced in conjunction with Naperville Community Television and released on DVD.

    Also, take a look at the NCC Presentation at the ECHO Annual Meeting this month

    NCC Cornerstone Celebration : May 20!

    Meet the ECHO board and other residents at Quigleys after!

  • Pfeiffer Hall Design & Resident Letter
    Design for Pfeiffer Hall Drop Off

  • City of Naperville Election Candidate Statements
    The ECHO Board asked candidates: "Within the context of Naperville as a whole, what city issues do you believe are likely to have the greatest impact on the ECHO/Historic District neighborhood at this time; and what resolution of these issues would you work toward and vote for as a City Councilman or Mayor?". We thank the candidates who have responded and you can meet candidates at the "Election Meet & Greet" on March 14th. The candidate responses were:

    Candidate Name: Kenneth “Kenn” D. Miller

    Office Being Sought: Mayor of Naperville

    The economy is the biggest issue regardless where one lives in Naperville as the City has reduced the workforce, cut services and delayed projects to balance the budget. The forecast for the next five years illustrate the economic struggles will continue in the near-term.

    The underlying problem in Naperville is the struggling housing market. The 2010 Census shows a decline in population! This coupled with the housing debacle will continue to plague the City as it is dependent on property tax and sales tax receipts for a major portion of its revenue. With a reduce population, depressed housing values and stagnant sales tax receipts, we have a five year struggle to balance the budget.

    So, the historic district will also be plagued with homes that are not completed, reduced values so one cannot move or sell the home and fewer renovations or upgrades by current owners.

    Another concern is tied to the housing market conditions. Some may try to take advantage of the down market to buy property for a tear down or nearly a tear down and challenge ECHO and the City Historic District guidelines.

    I will be vigilant to keep construction within the Historic District guidelines and City ordinances to keep the desirable and important heritage. On March 1, I voted FOR Option A: No New Historic district if 51% or more of the owner’s opposition to a new district designation.

    Candidate Name: A. George Pradel

    Office Being Sought: Mayor of Naperville

    I believe the East Central Homeowners are going to feel the greatest impact from the Historic Preservation Ordinance. In my opinion it will have a positive impact on the Historic District. The collaboration that went into the ordinance allowed many voices to be heard and many practical issues to be addressed. As a result, I think ECHO residents will be pleased with the flexibility it provides homeowners and the voice it gives the entire neighborhood going forward.

    The 2030 plan will also have an effect on the Historic District. As city leaders plan for future re-development and improvement of our downtown, we need to continue to work closely with our residents, including both ECHO and WHOA. As we identify issues during the planning process I will try to find the win-win solutions. I will look for compromises and will be understanding of the need to preserve the surrounding neighborhoods as we try to create more enterprise and business activity in the downtown area. The downtown business district is essential to Naperville as a whole and I support an active downtown. However, safety, a neighborhood lifestyle and access to the roads and sidewalks is also very important and must be provided to the residents. As a nearby homeowner, I am aware of the issues of traffic congestion and parking that uniquely impact the ECHO residents. I will vote in ways that look for balance of the various interests in the ECHO neighborhood. I believe the business district and the Historic District have been, and can continue to be, good neighbors. Lastly, I will support the ECHO and North Central College efforts to maintain their positive, neighborly relationship, I think it works because both parties work hard to keep the lines of communication open.

    Candidate Name: Steve Chirico

    Office Being Sought: City Council

    During the past 20 years your organization has had its share of issues and concerns. As I look at your community today I am impressed with the resolution of so many concerns and potential risks. So much so that the question you have given has led me to only one answer.

    At one time I believe the expansion of Central Park would have been a likely topic to choose, but that subject now has a well thought out plan that seems to have met ECHO’s needs while at the same time meeting the needs of the community as a whole.

    One would think that the expansion of North Central College is the most obvious risk to the neighborhood, but here again, it appears through responsible and thoughtful relationship building and consistent communication between the college and ECHO, your community has proven that the two entities can live together harmoniously. I suspect that at some point in the future NCC will consider expanding into perhaps the Little Friends land and based on the successful working relationship you have established, I believe ECHO will find a solution that everyone can live with.

    More recently the city approved the historic districts Historic Preservation Ordinance which provides protections for the historical preservation of the area and yet allows for the homeowners to make sensible improvements to their homes. Once again ECHO participated in finding a solution that everyone seems to be happy with.

    Currently the City of Naperville is working on the approval of the 2030 Plan. This plan provides a clear direction of the northerly expansion of downtown and a clear line drawn to protect the ECHO residential district. Echo’s representation on this commission did a good job of delivering a plan that adequately protects the district.

    The one ongoing concern that I believe is a risk to ECHO is traffic. Traffic has continued to worsen over the years and there is no single answer to solving the problem. As our City and the college continue to grow and as a larger percentage of the population uses public transportation there will be increased traffic in the east central district. Already with limited parking this will become more of an issue.

    There is no simple answer to the traffic problem, but it may become necessary to study it and form a committee to repeat what the ECHO district has done in the past and map out the best possible solution. As a councilman I would support this effort and encourage all parties to work together to find a responsible solution to this problem.

    Candidate Name: Richard R. "Dick" Furstenau

    Office Being Sought: City Council

    ECHO and the Historic District comprise a unique facet of our community and are challenged by municipal decisions in unmatched ways. I believe that the rules and regulations that have been instituted for teardowns located in other areas of our community should be specifically crafted to our community's ECHO neighborhood and Historic District.

    It is unfortunate that some "construction creep" has taken place throughout ECHO and its surrounding neighborhoods; I believe a more disciplined gauge and enforcement that hold high the standards of the board are required to maintain the integrity of the area, and will prevent the piece by piece destruction of history.

    Although I have found that the National Park Service's Department of the Interior, the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, and the rules, regulations and guidelines implemented by the City of Naperville will provide a cohesive and clear process that supports protecting our unique neighborhood; I believe that a detailed review that would assure the property owners and the city's governing boards that ECHO and any Historical District, existing or new, will be protected from any further "construction creep".

    Carefully drafted municipal code/Historic District Guidelines that addresses height, size/bulk, and set-backs, in my opinion, is the means to stopping and further preventing "construction creep" that is not in the character of the Historic District.

    Candidate Name: Joe McElroy

    Office Being Sought: City Council

    It's the darndest thing. Ask somebody why they moved to Naperville and they almost always mention the RiverWalk, the downtown and "the nice old houses." Sometimes they know they're talking about the Historic District/ECHO area, but usually not. Then, when asked where they live, they mention some subdivision miles away from the central part of the city.

    My brother lives in a new neighborhood in Franklin, TN, a town much like Naperville, with a lovely downtown flanked by gracious, century-old homes. He once said, "I wouldn't want to live in one of them (the old homes), but I'm glad they're there."

    He should be; those older homes help his property values by giving Franklin its character. Naperville is the same way. The older neighborhoods are special and should be treated differently. Between the train station, the college and the downtown, we put a lot of strain on your neighborhood.

    Your homes are irreplaceable assets; as such, the city should help you nurture them. This should be done by traffic control and improvementsI'm looking at you, Pace buses, when you stack up in front of homesaggressive code enforcement and financial incentives for rehab efforts that enhance the neighborhood.

    The current budget crunch makes financial incentivesfor which I've lobbied for yearsdifficult right now, although we might look at fee waiver or reductions to enhance renovation efforts.

    Also, the City could use Community Development Block Grant money to purchase, save and then sell homes that go into foreclosure and then sit half finished for years. Recently the City once again allocated its block grant funding for various groups and projects that have little to do with the federal legislation's original intent. Having designed and administered historic preservation policies funded by block grants, I know how to get scare resources to right places.

    My background in historic preservation and economic redevelopment planning make me an ideal candidate to represent your neighborhood's interests. I'm glad to hear you are expecting a good turnout on March 14, but please remember who has been going to bat for you for years.

    I welcome your comments or questions and would love to meet with as many residents as possible. You can reach me at 717-1067 or

    Thanks for your time and attention.

  • The snow is melting - Spring is nearly Here!

  • ECHO Winter event moved from the Roundhouse to Quigleys. Closer to home, easier to get to more fun to be had!

  • ECHO Christmas Fun: Experience some "Holiday Magic" with your family, friends and neighbors Saturday, December 4th as ECHO visits the Brookfield Zoo for our annual holiday event. Each year Brookfield Zoo illuminates more than one millions twinkling lights and over 100 animated displays. Enjoy cookies and cocoa as we travel by train to view one of Chicagoland's most festive displays!

    Join us at the Naperville station to depart on the 2:33PM train to the Zoo Stop. Brookfield Zoo's event lasts from 4:00-7:00PM, and trains depart for Naperville at 5:01, 6:01 and 7:01PM. Tickets to the Brookfield Zoo can be purchased in advance from

  • ECHO Winter Event: We'll be repeating the January Winter event this year, but now it will be at Quigleys! More details to follow. Mark your calendar January 22nd!

  • Maximize our use of North Central College : See North Central College Services for ECHO Residents

  • ECHO Annual Picnic - Postponed to Saturday 25th September due to storms The rain date is on September 25th.

  • A.A. Smith House Tour - Monday 16th August A. A. SMITH HOUSE TOUR
    When: Monday, August 16, 2010, 6-8 p.m.
    Where: Northeast corner of Loomis and Van Buren Streets
    Learn a little history while you socialize. ECHO residents are invited to tour the historic A. A. Smith House on Monday, August 16, from 6-8 pm. Get a glimpse into this beautiful old Naperville home, gifted to and now in the care of North Central College. Light refreshments will be served. The tour will be of the downstairs only; no pictures, please.

  • Current ECHO 2010 Garage Sale Participants

    Add your name/address to the map!
    Jim/Lee Wills
    18 South Loomis St.

    Laura Nolan
    5 S. Brainard St.

    Becky Heusner
    132 N Sleight St.
    Lightning McQueen toddler bed, high chair,
    and toddler toys/videos

    Lynn A. Johnson
    106 N. Sleight St.
    Basket collection, baker’s rack, Super Nintendo,
    stereo system, games, crafts, books

    David Donaldson
    5 N. Sleight St.
    Toys and clothes for younger girls

    The D'Angelo Family
    29 S. Sleight St.

    Robert/Catherine Koch
    216 N. Wright St.

    Horner Residence
    16 N. Wright St.

    Gleeson/Bell household
    15 S Wright St
    A bicycle, lots of books, and
    many other items of interest to the discerning buyer

    Rob/Heather Simmelink
    16 S. Wright St.

    The Austins
    132 S. Wright St.

    Ed & Leslie Poole
    221 S. Wright St.

    Cheryl Talac
    23 N. Columbia St.

    Melinda Creasy
    214 N Julian

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