DJK Homes concept for Little Friends property

A request for feedback from Ram West Capital and DJK Custom Homes is on the City Council agenda for this coming Tuesday, May 19. (The previously reported sale to a local business owner has been terminated.)

The current concept consists of 10 new single-family homes and 17 new townhome units, with driveways and no alley. The Kroehler Mansion would be renovated into a single-family home.

Little Friends is requesting the full incentive of $562,000 previously offered by City Council to bridge the difference in offers for the property with and without the mansion preserved. The current difference in offers is $450,000.

Ram West Capital intends to not construct an alley, requests to not pay to upgrade or replace water main infrastructure, and is seeking waivers of required school and park donation fees.

DJK Homes proposal for Little Friends property

It is important to note that Council is being asked to consider these terms and provide feedback; this is not yet a development application or approval. Any development proposal will still be subject to review by the Historic Preservation Commission, Planning and Zoning Commission, and finally by City Council. The agenda item can be viewed on the City’s website.

The ECHO board will be discussing this matter during a conference call on Saturday evening, May 16. We have already heard from some neighbors but we are seeking as much input as possible! Please provide feedback to the board by replying to this email or by sending comment to