Lead pipes within ECHO – 2023 update

Many homes within ECHO were originally constructed with a lead water service line leading from the water main to the connection point inside the home. While most of these have been replaced as part of a remodeling or teardown project, hundreds of lead service lines remain in place throughout our neighborhood and those nearby. Having a lead service line does not necessarily mean you will have lead in your water, but it does indicate that you may be at greater risk if your lead service line is disrupted. The City of Naperville’s water supply remains safe and tests below minimum acceptable lead levels. However, the EPA continues to state that there is no safe level of exposure to lead.

The Illinois Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act took effect January 1, 2022. As a result of this legislation, the City of Naperville must replace all remaining lead water service lines by 2035. The City has applied for a loan through the Illinois EPA Public Water Supply Loan Program in order to accelerate this work. If funds are allocated through this program, the City intends to replace all remaining lead water service lines between 2024 and 2027. This work would be performed at no cost to homeowners.

After the passage of water protection legislation in 2016, the City was required to create a lead service line inventory. A searchable online map has been created to show whether a home is known to have a lead service line, viewable at https://naperville-echo.org/leadpipemap

If you have a lead water service line and want to replace it sooner, the City of Naperville offers a Lead Rebate Program! Up to $4,250 is available to a homeowner upon completion of lead service line replacement. For more information, visit https://naperville-echo.org/leadpipes or call the City at (630) 420-4122.