2020 ECHO annual meeting

Join your neighbors for the ECHO annual meeting! We will begin the process of an election for board members and discuss neighborhood issues.

The meeting will be held via Zoom webinar on Thursday, October 8 at 7pm. Advance registration is required. Register by clicking this link.

Minor amendments to the ECHO bylaws will be proposed at the meeting. This is a summary of the changes:

  • Change the name of the association to East Central Homeowners Organization to be consistent with our legal registration as an Illinois Not-For-Profit Corporation
  • Allow dues paid in the fourth quarter of a calendar year to include membership for the following calendar years
  • Provide flexibility for the fiscal year to be the period between annual meetings
  • Clarify that the number of board members should be an odd number to facilitate reaching majority votes, with one-half and an even number elected in odd-numbered years, and one-half and an odd number elected in even-numbered years
  • To further the interests of the neighborhood, ECHO participates in public meetings of governmental and other civic organizations. To avoid having to change the bylaws each time the name of a government or civic organization changes, the detailed list of organizations was removed.