Lead pipes within ECHO

Many homes within ECHO were originally constructed with a lead water service line leading from the water main to the connection point inside the home. While most of these have been replaced as part of a remodeling or teardown project, dozens of lead service lines remain in place throughout our neighborhood and those nearby. Having a lead service line does not necessarily mean you will have lead in your water, but it does indicate that you may be at greater risk if your lead service line is disrupted. The City of Naperville’s water supply remains safe and tests below minimum acceptable lead levels. However, the EPA continues to state that there is no safe level of exposure to lead.

In May 2021, the Illinois General Assembly passed HB 3739, the Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act. This bill has been sent to the Governor and is expected to become law this summer. In preparation for compliance, the City of Naperville is performing additional research and planning. After the Act is signed and becomes effective, it will require all lead service lines within Naperville to be replaced within 15 years, with a minimum of 7% replaced each year (20-24 homes). In nearly all cases, the entire service line must be replaced.

Generally, lead service line replacement will take place at the same time water mains are replaced. City staff are expected to propose a standalone lead service replacement program for areas not scheduled for water main replacement, subject to approval by City Council.

After the passage of water protection legislation in 2016, the City was required to create a lead service line inventory. The City has recently learned that lead water service lines were not prohibited in Naperville until 1960; originally, the local prohibition was thought to have taken place in 1930. A searchable online map has been created to show whether a home is known to have a lead service line, viewable at https://naperville-echo.org/leadpipemap 

To view the recent City Manager’s Memorandum with more details on HB 3739 and the City’s plans to comply, visit https://naperville-echo.org/leadpipememo

The City of Naperville offers a Lead Rebate Program! Up to $4,250 is available to a homeowner upon completion of lead service line replacement. For more information, visit https://naperville-echo.org/leadpipes or call the City at (630) 420-4122.